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Did you know?

Against a backdrop of greenery and majestic hills, the Clark Freeport zone is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in Philippines. Previously known as a For Stotsenburg, it was home to the largest US air base outside of US. Renamed as Clarke air field in 1919, today this zone is home to beautiful homes and well preserved ancient buildings that speak volumes about the history of this region.


With the availability and increasing numbers of last minute flights and cheap flights to Clark, it become an affordable tourist destination with a penchant for shopping malls and duty free shops. So Contact Halo flights in UK to book your flights today. Some of the sites that will speak of the rich history of Clark include the Clark Museum, Nayong-Pilipino Clark and the Paradise Ranch Indegenous preserve.

Travel like a local

There is not a very well established transport system in and around Clark. If you are looking for cheap transportation then a jeepney will be your best option, because the more comfortable taxis can be quite overpriced.

Local currency

During your stay in Clark, all of your payments will have to be done using the Philippine Peso, the local currency.


The local delicacies in Clark include the Betute Tugak (fried native stuffed frog) and Pritong Adobong Camaro (mole crickets sauteed and cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, garlic and onion, then fried to a crisp), as well as the all-time favorite Pritong Hito, Mustasa at Buro (fried catfish served with buro or fermented rice and fresh mustard leaves).

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