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Adis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city is a sprawling metropolis based in the highlands on the border of the Great Rift valley. This is the commercial and cultural hub of Ethiopia. With a dry arid climate the city attracts many tourists, both local and international to savor its beauty. Known for its fine arts and crafts and also the many pre historical excavation sites, Adis Ababa is truly a history buff’s paradise.


The natural museum of Adis Ababa attracts droves of visitors each year. A key attraction among the many historically important artifacts is a replica of the early hominid known as Lucy, whose remains were found in Ethiopia. The museum also holds many artifacts from the prehistoric times including early tools used by hominids. Mount entoto is the highest of the Entoto range which overlook the city. From its summit vast swaths of Africa can be seen. This is one of the major attractions for the avid hiker. Other attractions include the holy trinity church, Ethnological museum, Martyrs memorial museum, Tiglachin monument, the Lion park and the Monument of the Lion of Judah which is the symbol of the Ethiopian Emperors

Travel like a local

The cheapest mode of travelling in Ethiopia is using the public bus and train network. It is efficient and safe to travel on. Taxies are also available but expensive.

Local currency

Official currency used in Adis Ababa is the Ethiopian Birr


Any type of street food found in the markets at night is amazing and is definitely worth a taste. Meats and grilled tubers and groundnuts are plentiful. It is mostly served as very spicy dishes with Injera, a sourdough flatbread.

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